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Wood Pellets Class A1

Premium Wood Pellets of Coniferous trees - Class А1

Rodopa Pellets are an eco product of 100% coniferous wood from a region with controlled felling in the Rhodopes. We do not use bran and debris from the wood processing industry. Modak-T Ltd. produces certified class A1 pellets in the village of Davidkovo, in its own base and production line.


Composition: 100% conifers
Mechanical Strength > 98%
Class А1
Heating Value

> 5 kWh/kg

Moisture Content

< 7%

Ash Content

< 0,5%


Class А1

More than


tons in stock

Prices of Rodopa Pellets

Over 24 Tons

€ 271 / ton

1 Pallet (120/100cm) / 1050 kg / 70 bags X 15 kg

Class А1 Wood Pellets

VAT NOT included

Delivery NOT included

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Pallet 100/120см : 1050 KG


Transport of pellets is organized by the client. We can arrange loading of cargo at our production base in the village of Davidkovo, Smolyan.

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